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  • At Sharan college of education, we strongly follow HPU prescribed curriculum which the strongest point of our academics
  • Our core strength lies in our faculty and staff members, who are chosen out of the best in the vicinity, they not only adhere unique values but also carry / deliver our multitude views, a diversity of opinion and wealth of experience that is incomparable in the neighborhood is engrossed in our faculties.
  • The concentration of ability and talent, combined with our personal commitment in making “Sharan College of Education” a center for creativity and motivation is our real key to your excellence.

  • Academic Calendar

    • The academic calendar has been designed in a such a way, that will prepare future teachers to work successfully in a varity of educational setting with a range of students
    • In addition to a solid background in subject matter, students will develop a solid knowledge of teaching in secondary schools. Our academic calendar integrates the practical and theoretical aspect of education with an understanding of subject area and professional education in local educational setting.

    Guest Lecture

    • Lecture by eminent personalities, consultants and academicians from renowned institutions and from various disciplines

    Workshops and Seminar

    • We arrange workshops and seminars on personality development and practical training in different areas.

    Academic Evaluation

    • Our programs are highly participative and interactive. Group based learning activities and personal plans help students to focus on their own development needs. Class test and unit test are also arranged in frequent gap.

    Academic Facilities

    Class Rooms:
    The Institute has spacious architecturally designed lecture and tutorial rooms. It also has glossy white and green boards and flannel boards all intact, furnished with adequate modern furniture.
    Classroom Ethics:
    • Respects For Students
    • Deeper Understanding
    • Fluency Of Language
    • Discipline
    Curriculum Laboratory:
    Science is not only knowledge but also an art. This art is explored, experimented & practiced in the laboratory. Science cannot be taught effectively without testing. Curriculum Laboratory is the place & means with the help of which all these necessary activities can be performed smoothly & effectively. Students of teaching of mathematics can learn & explore mathematical concepts & verify mathematical facts & theories through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities may be carried out by a teacher or the students themselves to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest & favorable attitude towards maths. These aims are fulfilled by curriculum laboratary set up in the college. Various experiments are done, models & charts are prepared by the students and extension lectures are delivered by educationists.
    ICT Resource Center:
    The college has ICT Resource Center with Internet connection facilities. The laboratory was equipped with personal computers with the latest configurations especially for the use by the students. The college also has Overhead Projector, projector with screen, Audio Equipment, a VCD player and Television and such other equipment which are often used in the teaching-learning process. The laboratory is looked after by a qualified teaching assistant who also provides technical support.
    Art & Craft Resource Center:
    Simple expressional competencies are an integral part of B.Ed. and D.El.Ed curriculum. The artwork done by the students is placed in this room. It provides a place for the budding artists to show their artistic skills and excel in them. The goal of our Art room is to inspire and awaken the artistic passion of the students. Students learn the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and design that will help them in their exploration of the world of art.
    Transportation Facility:
    Transportation facility has been arranged for the faculty, students and other staff at reasonable rates. College is providing bus facility from the nearby areas of Kangra.
    “A healthy mind in a healthy body” So for the all round development of the prospective teachers, Sharan College Of Education provides the facility of various ground activities where the students can play and enjoy themselves in their free time.
    It is a part and parcel of a college life. We cannot think of our life without canteen. It is very useful for the students. Sharan college also have canteen in campus.